Clean living brides…

Aaah, yes. The dreaded D word – DIET. Why is it that with nearly every bride comes a diet, or extreme weight-loss? An unhealthy desperation to become skinny, and the more weight you lose, the more ‘successful’ you are as a bride. I say this because I was one of them. Desperate to shed stone after stone, thinking that if my guests saw a fat bride they’d be mortified. My mantra of ‘I’m only getting married once’ was pushing me to try every fad diet under the sun, and making me unhealthy. 

The turning point came when my wedding dress was ordered by the bridal shop in a size 18. I was mortified. There was nothing I could do to change it, and the one thought in my mind was: “I’m going to be married in a size 18.” So, I did something about it. I went to the gym, I cut out eating crap, and drank green tea by the gallon. And, for my fitting four months later, I had lost three stone and the dress had to be taken in by eight inches. 

And, did anyone notice that I was in a size 18 dress? No. Did anyone notice that I’d lost three stone? No. What did everyone say? That I looked happy & healthy. Hooray! 

With that in mind, I thought I’d concentrate on HEALTHY brides, and not SKINNY brides. Clean living, ladies! 

One of the ESSENTIALS is keep hydrated. I drink bloody gallons of water every day, and I genuinely believe that my skin would be horrendous if I didn’t drink as much water as I do. I keep a bottle of water with me whenever we travel, and this Root 7 Aqua Zinger water bottle is perfect for those who get bored with water. You can flavour your water with fresh ingredients, meaning less sugar than other flavoured water (that Volvic water is so sugary my teeth hurt). I stick cucumber in it, or fresh basil, pineapple and limes & lemons. It’s perfect for a hot summer day. 

Sweeten your water with some fresh ingredients


If you’re looking to detoxify your body, then look no further than Fushi. Their Detoxipure is a great kickstart to a healthy body, filled with vitamins, fennel, garlic, magnesium and bioflavonoids to cleanse toxins from the body. Take two tablets a day with a full glass of water (a FULL glass – the tablets aren’t tasty and do taste nasty…). My skin became a lot clearer, and my cellulite drastically diminished (FINALLY!!!). I felt I really needed a detox, as the last month of my pregnancy was just filled with E numbers, chocolate, and an unwavering supply of full-fat butter. Oh, those glory days.

I feel a lot better, and both Aqua Zinger & Fushi have helped to keep off the pounds I’m shedding (in an effort to get out of my maternity clothes – my baby is five months old…).

Detoxipure by Fushi


TV presenter Amanda Byram is a huge inspiration (I’ve ditched cow’s milk for coconut milk on her recommendation), and Made in Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh (or Manderson, now she’s married Professor Green), is another clean living celeb who posts on Instagram a lot (she also posts recipes). I know I’ll never be a size 10, but so long as I’m healthy, then that’s all that matters. And brides – strong & healthy should be your mantra, not skinny & weak. We want gorgeous brides who glow. Spread the word! 

Amanda Byram (left photo), and Millie Mackintosh (in black hat in right photo), are both big advocates of clean living


Much love, 

E x


Showbiz: Engagements galore!

It’s been a busy few weeks for Hollywood jewellers, hasn’t it?

Not only have Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis got engaged, but so have Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick, and Nicole Scherzinger & Lewis Hamilton.

Ashton and Mila got engaged a few weeks ago, and while the details are being kept secret for now, the rumour mill is going into overdrive that they’ll marry very soon. The 30-year-old Ted star was bridesmaid at her brother Michael’s wedding early this year, and it’s alleged that she said “yes” to Ashton’s proposal soon after that. She will make a bloody gorgeous bride, and news in the US is that she is also pregnant (but that’s a VERY large rumour at the mo, and not confirmed)…

Also getting hitched is Kardashian number 2, Kourtney. After two kids & years with her boyfriend Scott Disick, they’re finally walking down the aisle. Scott has proposed to Kourtney countless times but she’s turned him down every time (he is a bit of a douchebag, so I don’t blame her…), but after both Scott’s parents tragically passed away within weeks of each other last year, the pair decided to make it official and tie the knot. However, reports suggest that Kourtney ain’t happy that her wedding will be overshadowed by Kim & Kanye’s in Paris, so she’s planning an even more outlandish wedding. Amazing. I literally cannot wait to see the pictures from both of these weddings. CANNOT WAIT.

And finally, Nicole Scherzinger has said “yes” to her Formula 1 beau Lewis Hamilton, who has finally got his gal after proposing three times… huzzah! They’ve been on and off again so many times it became VERY boring, but they’re making it official and getting married next year. Reportedly, Nicole turned him down twice before as she wanted to concentrate on her career (!), but now she’s been dropped by The X Factor & is the face of Muller Corner, she’s finally decided to become Mrs Hamilton. Rumour has it, she’s going to support her fella, and put her career on the backburner. Cripes, those yogurts won’t sell themselves y’know Nicole…

Congratulations all round!

E x